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September 13, 2009


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Hi Chris, It's Mike, the guy who rode with you a lot of the day today. As mentioned, I am raising money for diabetes and people can visit my site at Thanks for your help. It's a real pleasure getting to know you.
See you at dinner!!!!

Chris, awesome start! I follow your tweets (closely :-) so I will be following your journal in my twitter stream....good luck!

Hi Chris, I'm a follower of you tweets :) I wish you good luck and every day "carpe diem" take care of you and your a**! ha,ha
greez susan

Wasn't sure whether your earlier FB reference to "40 days of riding" was bike or kite; I'd be jealous either way. Here's to a fun and safe ride.

Chris, try a picture at The Blue Swallow Motel on Old Route 66, if it's along your path. Cheers, The Digital Freak! (Bogota)

Chris any idea of stopping starting points when near TX. Would like to wish u well and bring cookies and small donation if u are close to me on weekend so I can drive. U are doing great!

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Thanks to...

  • Hincapie Sportswear
    Legendary cyclist George Hincapie and his brother Rich made so many amazing original kits for my journey including the first ever charity:water and Twitter jerseys! Stay tuned as I give you a chance to get your own.
  • Trek Bikes
    After years of riding Felt, and following some serious ball-busting from Lance, I finally gave in and bought a Trek Madone 6.9. Holy cow is this a hot bike. That said, I broke it in a freak occurrence and, I am glad to say, Trek stood by their equipment and I am back on my ride, good as new.
  • Trek Travel
    Without the love and support of the Trek Travel guides, I would still be trying to find my way out of Santa Barbara. This company is top-notch and only staffs trips with the most experienced and consistently friendly people. I feel lucky to be traveling with them.
  • Spotify
    No music service in the world comes close to what Spotify delivers. Viritually every song imaginable whenever you want to hear it. Uniquely awesome. (And, they are big helpers of charity:water!) The service is coming to the US soon so keep your eyes peeled.
  • Twitter
    Twitter is changing the world, and I feel lucky every day to be a part of this community. Thanks to all of you and to my friends who bust their asses to keep bringing it to the world.
  • charity:water
    1 billion people on the planet don't have access to clean water. This is the best way to help fix that.
  • Architecture for Humanity
    No one does more to house poor people impacted by disaster. A true inspiration.
    Lance Armstrong is a friend, a mentor, and is a testament to sheer will and work ethic. He is a big reason I am out here. Plus, he's declared war on cancer. Let's help him.
  • Free Press
    A non-partisan group working their asses off to ensure fair media and universal access to communication. I love these guys.
  • RoadID
    A bracelet containing your contact and health personal information that can speak when you can't speak for yourself.