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September 30, 2009


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It is great you are taking your followers along for the cross country ride Chris. Although my seat is much more comfortable than yours. Thanks for taking the time to tweet/blog your experiences. Be safe!

It sounds like a great leg! Keep em coming. Be safe - my Dad tells I story that he hit an elk with his car as a teenager and busted up the car. I'm guessing that he totally made up the story, though I sure the elk would cause some havoc.


One day, you, and fellow Hoya John Lawrence (@johnskis, producer of www.peletonthemovie.com), really need to get together. There are some awesome parallels between you two. Biking, traithlons, outdoor sports, adventure, travel, entrepreneurship and whatnot. If you pass through Salt Lake, say hello!

In any case, enjoy the cross-country tour! I was lazy and did it in my Ford Fiesta, but can bare witness to its magical aspects nonetheless... :)

Chris, I tried tweeting your post from today through the link "tweet this" - I got a "minus 39" on that tweet with the entire link embedded......un-tweetable! I wish there was a dynamic bit.ly conversion :-)

Good luck and thanks for sharing...

I'm so happy you're enjoying our lovely Land of Enchantment and its breathtaking beauty from a bicycle view...and if central casting wants more of those tumbleweeds, we've got plenty!

Traveling cross-country on a bicycle would be an amazing dream come true. But to make your ride about so much more, in order to help so many, is truly inspiring. Thank you for all you're doing.

Hope destiny brings you back cross-country on a more southern route through NM! We have abundant deer+antelope playing here too. RideOn!

I keep losing track of where you are...kinda busy here too. Anyway, the bison pic looked so much like Wichita Wildlife...but you will be riding far above that...Raton...love Raton. This last post made me wish I was a few years younger and able to take a downhill like that. Wheeeeee! Well I'm doing a LiveStrong pep talk tonight at HS homecoming pep rally and tomorrow I ride my trainer all day while teaching classes in observance of the infamous 10/2. Have a great day today! For anyone interested I am collecting donations for Livestrong Challenge in Austin Oct 25th.

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  • Hincapie Sportswear
    Legendary cyclist George Hincapie and his brother Rich made so many amazing original kits for my journey including the first ever charity:water and Twitter jerseys! Stay tuned as I give you a chance to get your own.
  • Trek Bikes
    After years of riding Felt, and following some serious ball-busting from Lance, I finally gave in and bought a Trek Madone 6.9. Holy cow is this a hot bike. That said, I broke it in a freak occurrence and, I am glad to say, Trek stood by their equipment and I am back on my ride, good as new.
  • Trek Travel
    Without the love and support of the Trek Travel guides, I would still be trying to find my way out of Santa Barbara. This company is top-notch and only staffs trips with the most experienced and consistently friendly people. I feel lucky to be traveling with them.
  • Spotify
    No music service in the world comes close to what Spotify delivers. Viritually every song imaginable whenever you want to hear it. Uniquely awesome. (And, they are big helpers of charity:water!) The service is coming to the US soon so keep your eyes peeled.
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  • charity:water
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  • Architecture for Humanity
    No one does more to house poor people impacted by disaster. A true inspiration.
    Lance Armstrong is a friend, a mentor, and is a testament to sheer will and work ethic. He is a big reason I am out here. Plus, he's declared war on cancer. Let's help him.
  • Free Press
    A non-partisan group working their asses off to ensure fair media and universal access to communication. I love these guys.
  • RoadID
    A bracelet containing your contact and health personal information that can speak when you can't speak for yourself.