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March 20, 2004



Some assorted comments on your site as a whole, not this specific post:
1. When you asked me if I had recently checked this site and I asked you if you had updated, you replied -- and I'm quoting verbatim here -- "mad updates." I don't think three new posts, a new banner, and maybe some extra media-related blurbs constitutes "mad" updates. I mean, it's substantial in relation to the paucity of what you did have up, but it's not "mad."
2. That said, glad that you're still chugging along and I can't wait till this becomes a habit for you. Always happy to have a new, high-quality time-suck.
3. Don't you think that "El Cine" is kind of pompous? Granted...Spanish is fundamentally less pompous than French, but still...
4. Given that you're shamelessly advertising yourself as a polyglot, don't you think you should at least have the semantic integrity to italicize movie/book/album titles? The MLA aficionado in me weeps for your damned soul.

Anyway...keep on trucking. Looking good so far.


Everyone needs a really anal friend to keep them in check. Let me know if you would like to take mine off my hands.


I'm disappointed and hurt not by the fact that you're trying to unload me and my selfless editing services upon another family, but by the fact that you neglected to mention that I'm potty-trained and bark only when I'm drunk.

BTW, kudos for panning Ehrenreich's book. If I had known you were going to read that, I would've just given you a copy of the Harper's with the article that pompous bitch wrote as the precursor to the book.

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There is a first time for everything, and for me, today was the first time I have ever given money to a political candidate.


Notice that the Chinese know how to do a stimulus package, while no one in power seems to know how to do a stimulus package here in the US.


talk about Oregon. It had a rhythm that kept me focused and didn't allow me to go numb at any point.1

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Caution to readers: do not confuse the tactics of a rookie like Saddam with an experienced gesticulator like1

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