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November 27, 2004



Maybe try and buy nothing on Sunday to make up for it - you didn't but much anyway !


I bought diddly-shit. Of course, that's only because it was Masa's turn to pay for lunch and because most of my day was spent facilitating people buying shit from me. Regardless, I am bursting with pride in myself.

To celebrate, I'm gonna go order a new crunk cup.


Steve, sure enough, Sunday is winding down and I haven't bought a thing!

Chester, I heard the word 'crunk' the other day and for the first time sincerely felt like a sellout old white man. I had to consult the Urban Dictionary (www.urbandictionary.com) to fill me in. Phew. I am aging.


Consider you say stuff like "dude, you're blowing up my phone," I'm surprised that you weren't hip to the linguistic innovations of L'il Jon.


(Don't worry, your recent acquisition of cable television will surely lead to your soon having The Best Week Ever. Upgrade!)


Why do you (and millions of others) feel the need to surrender to the most materialistic day of the year. I find it hypocritical and sad that you are actually an AdBuster reader and still seemed to be conditioned by mass media and advertisements. One can talk about change and write blog posts, but only those that live up to it will actually make a difference

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