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July 24, 2005



The point, you PC pawn, is that the overall experience is one that embraces the "shuffle" ethos. Had a really hard time getting to the point where you found out that "podcasts" don't work on the Shuffle in shuffle mode?

Life is random. Embrace it.


Oh my god! I was thinking I was the only one with this problem. I kept shuffling and shuffling during my run and did not hear a thing. I thought it was my lack of geeky abilities but I am glad to hear that it was not me!

My next suggestion for ipod revolution is "water proof" ipods that you can jump into the shower without taking them off at the gym..what do you think?


Love the Shuffle---

Only problem is the song name and title do not appear on the Shuffle. I'd feel mortaly demoralized if I mixed up a Helmet song with a heavy Sloan song in the wrong company--you can't repair that kind of credibility damage...


Hawk, you got your wish. The nano has all the display you could ever desire.

Ben Barren

I listen to podcasts all the time on my Shuffle 512meg on Shuffle.. 5 to 10 a day for 6 months. No drama. About 3 months ago I uploaded some new software for my Shuffle, but Ive always used it for podcasts. I use Ipodder Lemon to download podcasts, then Itunes just to drag and drop into Shuffle. (running an imac g5 and latest ibook) Anyway, good luck



About the whole Shuffle vs. Nano thing...how do the Shuffle owners feel now that the Nano has been released?

While the Mini has already been replaced, I can't help thinking that the Shuffle is next.

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