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November 25, 2005


Tim Kerber


I enjoy your blog and was the person who made mention of it at bmyers.com's discussion forum.

The main reason for having the "walled" discussion forum is to maintain the quality and a bit of accountability of posts in there.

Instead of having a truly public forum where people can spam, Bill's membership site (which is superb by the way) creates an extremely intelligent and helpful environment for product developers.

As a subscription site owner myself (I own two), I also look forward to the day where adsense ads can encourage more free sharing of high quality content. I do have adsense on select articles on my sites but the main revenue generator is still the members of my sites.

Thanks for all of your work on your blog. It makes for great reading. The irony is that the quality of your content reminds me of the great posts and articles which are at bmyers.com.

The only difference is Bill has 1,000+ articles and thousands of postings over the last 6 years. I'm not downplaying your hard work, just explaining why I gladly pay to be a member of his site.


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