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December 17, 2005


Ken Norton

Hey Chris, enjoy your blog. Are you from Buffalo? I'm from West Seneca and heading home for the holidays for the first time in a decade. Brrrr.

Rita Wilhelm

Haaaa! Thanks for the wonderful 'laugh out loud'!

I soooo relate. lol

Rita Wilhelm

abercrombie and fitch uk

Well said, such a person should be a good sentence, or the future will be more rampant.

abercrombie & fitch london

I read this sentence out loud to a group of engineers from my team at lunch the other day and they cracked up like I did. It touched off such a wave of nostalgia for the first machines we all used and when we first discovered the Internet. We all felt so old and yet so lucky.

abercrombie fitch

It is hard to say such a thing is clear.


talk about Oregon. It had a rhythm that kept me focused and didn't allow me to go numb at any point.1


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