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January 28, 2006



Dark Days is the sort of film one used to see with more regularity at Sundance. I've not been back to Sundance is over a decade since it started to become more overwhelmed by the vacuous and self obsessed from Hollywood. It used to be a place where one could see absolutely unique films, get some food, enjoy a beer and be surprised when you ran into a celebrity. I once found myself sitting next to Michael Stipe, but back then there were no entourages either. People who loved film came to see film and hear people tell stories that do not make it through traditional cinema. These days, it is much more difficult to obtain tickets and one has to navigate more drunks than one might find at a college football game along with hordes of self important individuals expecting preferential treatment in restaurants, bars and hotels.

Now, Slamdance is another story.... http://www.slamdance.com/


Great film ... I can't remember when/where I first watched it, but I saw again a few weeks ago

Garry Dinnerman

I've been lucky enough to attend Sundance a few times. I was at the time with Warner Bros. and it gave me the holy grail "all access pass" to any flick showing.

Unfortunately, great films like DARK DAYS are no longer on the Park City landscape during the last half of January these days. The great and awful thing about independent films is that they cost a lot less than the formulated studio pictures.

The going rate for a indie film at Sundance these days arenorth of $5+ million. Sorry, to say to G. Gilmore Sundance Program Guru, that isn't a indie film. Even one of my favorite films ever seen at the festival, USUAL SUSPECTS was made for way less than $1.2 million. Don't forget the once is decade, BLAIR WITCH PROJECT for $15,000.

Hopefully, one day there will be an outlet that will be easy for the typical movie goer to locate such films that are not the typical studio crafted piece but a true story driven motion picture like the above mentioned.

Sundance today is to much of a business. I wish I would have thought of it. Having a film festival then have a cable outlet to broadcast the flicks that aren't picked up. That Redford is one smart business man. It would be nice maybe one day for him to regain his talent as a independent.

Jonathan Keller

I wait in line hungover for tickets, I pick out this movie, I provide shelter for your trip, I provide every hook-up imaginable, I shop for fajitas, I get you into Mother Urban's for the after party and I can't even get a shout out?

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