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January 29, 2006



This is probably more about the demographics than it is the search quality.
Google has more search users interested in Google and therefore you than Yahoo and MSN (Duh!). Furthermore Google probably have more blog reading users who are in turn more likely to be interested in you than users of the other two engines. So on average a MSN and Yahoo users is much less likely to search for you therefore the results that those guys see are much more likely to be in the tail than the Google users. IMO.

Chris Sacca

Okay, so, the search engine user demographics would explain why more searches for Tawana Brawley end up on my blog than searches for Chris Sacca. However, it doesn't seem to help explain why I am in the results for such stranges searches in any event. Does it?


Hard to say without further details, but I'd guess the bottom 10 results referred to you from Google probably looks equally strange. If this is the case then demographics does describe the weird results for Yahoo and MSN. With very few searches for you from those engines (in relative terms) their top results are filled up by niche results. The demographics factor is forcing the niche results further down the list of google referrals, but I'd be surprised if they did not exist further down the list. What would be interesting is to normalise the frequency of the terms by overall search engine market share then show the set of google results that fits the normalised frequency of the top Yahoo and MSN results (assumption being that the top Yahoo and MSN results are seen less frequently AFTER normalisation than the top Google results due to the demographic factor mentioned previously). This comparison should give you a fairer measure of which engine has the freakier results :-)


Question rephrased: Lazy web help me figure out who is the best? :)
1) Data accuracy: Are you confident that your top 20 across all search engines are accurate? How does google analytics get their data?
2) Demographics: Also what is more interesting are the search strings people type on yahoo vs. google....google people typed one or max two word strings, yahoo people typed phrases...I think more google people know their final destination, and use google to avoid the hassle of typing the whole url and it is also very fast...
3) Accurate comparison, statistical significance: do you have numbers for these logs? how many people actually typed "matisyahu live at stubb's free download" and landed on your site?
4)This subject is interesting though as it definitely creates a great way of measuring success among the search engines...can you tell which page of the search results your link showed up when people typed Tawana Brawley? Maybe just do a comparison on the first two pages of search results, or whatever the most recent industry average for most clicked search engine results...So interesting!

Having a fairy small blog makes this so much easier...Google sent me people who were typed "baking blog", MSN sent me people who typed "making sugar flowers" and Google UK "cupcakes for sale" nothing from yahoo :((

polina sorkin

Interesting post. Glad to see searching for me on yahoo sends people over to your blog. But now that you've posted this entry, googling me has your blog at #4 in the results, but I can't get my own blog to show up.

Do you have the actual quantitative values of how many of each search directed people here? As someone mentioned, I would assume google's results are more accurate due to volume.

Martin Dideles

Hi Chris,

Today you have speak on E-services and outsourcing services here in Manila, Philippines at Edsa Shangrila. Your story and the Google story presentation are one of the best talks I heard.

By the way I a Martin, the one whom I give you a small handwritten suggestion and new ideas on google, since you already told you receive 800 emails (not junks) daily so reading these emails may took time.

Well my ideas for google to help the small outsourcing groups like us is to create "Google Outsource" yes it come to me this platform where Small Medium Business (SMB) in the US, UK and Europe will met Demands and Supply through this platform, In this way SMB's there can post project and outsource groups can bid online or in another way SMB's can look for outsource provider.

For example a Doctor in the US, or a Small Construction Firm there needs a complete detailing of floorplans or a doctor needs someone to transcribe his handwritten prescription. Well what he will do is just go to "Google Outsource" and find Outsourcing groups in the portal.

I believe Small and Medium Business consists of almost 40 % of businesses on Abroads, and Google providing them a window oppurtunities to find labor online well help them save money.

Thats my Idea, in any way Ideas sometimes cost, but for Companies who like New Ideas, I believe innovations and new products will not cease in Google. Give me email, I am ready to help on this project, a little on the programming but mostly in Data Structure and Marketing.

Its such makes living wonderful, if Companies like Google will keep on delivering free services, in year 1997 I once email Hotmail suggestions on adding search fields for finding emails, well for four years till now I dont hear from them. I dont know if they receive it, or just study my suggestions.

Well anyway, Google is still right Focus on Users, now Hotmail sucks, until now they dont upgrade my email and still 2mb. Hope to hear from you, and hoping someday I can visit Google Office when I can have Visa and Money to go there.

More Power, I will monitor your blog always...


Martin Dideles

Hello again, I just like to add Ideas on Search Results between Yahoo, MSN, and Google.

If anybody of you have GPS, a device for locating via satellite? well it just come in my mind a seconds on this. AS an Engineer I know GPS devices work like triangulaton or reflecting signals from a satellites, more satellites captured more accurate the results.

Well lets put these, lets put satellites as search engines, one is MSN other is Yahoo and last One is Google, and lets put this "SEARCH FIELDS" as your locations. Today there are Differential GPS, this GPS is like referencing all present Satellites(Search Engines) and differentiating errors and dividing it, so that the results come more accurate.

Well if this can work on GPS, this too can work on Search Engine, create a Search Engine or Developed "Google Differential Search" where it compares and differentiate results from three different search engines, in this way a more accurate results will be generated. Then No problem...

Google have a lots of programmers and Im sure they can make this.

IDEAS again comes free for HUMANITY !

More Power,

Martin Dideles
Mobile: +63919-2980744

Martin Dideles

Well after all, if these Ideas make sense or in other ways keep you thinking for a minute if this can work, then I am happy for it since it make sense...

The say in 48 Laws of Power, that you need to be Bold ! well Iwant to be part of Corporate Development or New Ideas Projects for Google... Can I Apply? ;)

Looking for respones !

Mobile: +63919-2980744


To me it is interesting to note that more and more people are relying on google in order to go to places they already know, I mean: take a look at all those URLlike queries containing "whatisleft.org". People just go to google and ask for your website even when they already know the address. The other day I was paying attention to my mom using her PC, she wanted to go to a site she enjoy: she went to google, she wrote the address inside the google search form, and she then clicked on the first result. Google as a mean of a global reliable addresser.

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