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April 18, 2006



Bicycle commuting! Welcome. Seriously, though I try and ride most days, rain or shine and given how busy life has become, it is almost my only source of regular exercise these days. I just wish I had someplace close to surf..... wanna trade some of the best skiing in the world for a few days of surfing?

It's a great photoessay on the Googleplex by the way. Thanks for the link.


So that's what you got. Fun commute you've got going, though I'm a little disappointed you didn't go full Bianchisti route and get a Milano. What...is Celeste Green too fey for you? You need flames-on-black?

Jacob Scott

Do you find that your morning rituals, like surfing, made you more productive during the day? I find that at MIT too many people believe that results are somehow an increasing function of hours worked, and am trying to find an effective way to disuade them of this notion.





The pursuit of balance between work and play is something with which I am sure I will struggle until the day I die. Sure, it is hard to take anything too seriously when the ocean shook you like a rag doll and buried you deep reminding you of your fragility just that morning. Similarly though, there is something to be said for hunkering down and cranking out a full day, or night, of uninterrupted work.

For me though, I guess the key is in your use of the word "rituals". Nothing in my life has ever been predictable enough to support the adoption of any rituals. I just try to be as flexible and aware as possible to optimize my activities for my state.



Dimitar Vesselinov

Beyond the Oil Peak http://www.theglobalist.com/DBWeb/StoryId.aspx?StoryId=5333

As oil peaks, role of virtuality and travel

See also:

Evan Bartlett

I recently move to NYC from Houston, TX and one of my favorite new "habits' is taking the bus to work in the mornings.

It gives me time to either review my GTD lists of things to do for the day, or to read a book. I've actually gotten quite proficient at walking while reading!

I really enjoy not driving anymore!

abercrombie and fitch uk

Well said, such a person should be a good sentence, or the future will be more rampant.

abercrombie & fitch london

I read this sentence out loud to a group of engineers from my team at lunch the other day and they cracked up like I did.
It touched off such a wave of nostalgia for the first machines we all used and when we first discovered the Internet. We all felt so old and yet so lucky.

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It is hard to say such a thing is clear.

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