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July 04, 2006



"Spin spin, whiskey and gin, I got magic mushrooms growing in my yard", (Lloyd Coyle and The Commotions).


We all want our Republicans to be like the ones on the West Wing.

In reality, the religious right is sapping every good thing about the Repbulican party out of it, leaving behind only zealots.


McCain's comments are very disappointing indeed. To lighten up about this sad subject of creationism, take a look at The Sopranos' take on it. Check it out here:

P.S. Great blog.

Chsae McDonald

Dr. Ron Paul is honest and speaks for himself, not money.


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Well said, such a person should be a good sentence, or the future will be more rampant.


He's really not that independent from anything - no politician is. He just uses body language to convey the message at the time that he wants, but he is still a hero, and I believe he does try to use his power for good.

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It is no use doing what you like,you have got to like what you do.Do you think so?

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I read this sentence out loud to a group of engineers from my team at lunch the other day and they cracked up like I did.
It touched off such a wave of nostalgia for the first machines we all used and when we first discovered the Internet. We all felt so old and yet so lucky.

ed hardy uk

Looks cool but I felt they have shown little too much in the trailer


Notice that the Chinese know how to do a stimulus package, while no one in power seems to know how to do a stimulus package here in the US.


talk about Oregon. It had a rhythm that kept me focused and didn't allow me to go numb at any point.1

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Caution to readers: do not confuse the tactics of a rookie like Saddam with an experienced gesticulator like1

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