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September 08, 2006


Mike Abundo

I know a lot of Filipinos who prefer Photobucket to Flickr. I'm a Flickr guy, but I understand why they prefer the former.

Tom Cole

Chris, we are honored to have you join us as an investor in Photobucket. Long live geeks!

Ryan McDermott

Love to meet you and pick your brain on various potential investments.

i'd even buy lunch.

Thank you.

Steve Lerner

Did you borrow extra from Sallie Mae, use the extra to party for 6 months post grad school, and then write off the interest payments until your annual salary made you ineligible for the writeoff?

I did!

Nice use of "flank" when referring to CDNs...


Seems like legit reasons to invest in this company but in my opinon there are alot more things to look for in a start up that have better potential for profit.Good luck on your new found venture but one lesson has served me over years well and that is never get into bisuness with friends the two do not mix well.Becasue when the money goes so does the friendship and vica versa.


I would like to know if photobucket, is accepting public investments, i too would like to invest in their stock

Omar Shahine

Looks like this was a smart investment :-).

Dave Anderson

Congradulations on your investment, looks like it turned out well; http://www.cnn.com/2007/TECH/biztech/05/30/myspace.photobucket.ap/index.html

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Sounds like a wise choice, and your reasoning was very sound.

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Well said, such a person should be a good sentence, or the future will be more rampant.

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I read this sentence out loud to a group of engineers from my team at lunch the other day and they cracked up like I did.
It touched off such a wave of nostalgia for the first machines we all used and when we first discovered the Internet.
We all felt so old and yet so lucky.

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In my experience there isn't much of a problem yet with Lumbergs.


Notice that the Chinese know how to do a stimulus package, while no one in power seems to know how to do a stimulus package here in the US.

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I will never forget my oncologist telling me that I had to change my life in order to live.

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I hate guns If no guns of everyone,the world maybe well.
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Sounds like a great opportunity.

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I agree with all of your reasons for hating on CLEAR.

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Caution to readers: do not confuse the tactics of a rookie like Saddam with an experienced gesticulator like1

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*I hope you all have a blessed day.

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i love you post.

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No matter how gluttonous devouring all the time, we need to breathe at this time, and strive to win our reputation, the sickle of time can not hurt us. - William Shakespeare

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What a well-researched article — thanks for putting in the time to look into the back-stories of all these famous brands. I had no idea the Twitter bird came from iStockPhoto, of all places!

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