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October 23, 2006


Robert Bole

Chris --
I wish we had a Churchill Club in Portland. It seems that the ability to push ideas and view points is the hallmark of great communities and the strength of our democracy.

To often the civil discussion forums of cities are mired in the "good government" movements of the 1920s/30s/40s. It is clear that the issues of those (these)times are unfortunetly still with us, there is no natural home for the horizon issues that the Churchill Club is founded upon.

On a side note -- with your unique view of being on the seam of the market/government it would be interesting to for the Club to consider the question of "public purpose" within the question of innovation and technology growth. Invite me to that discussion.

Ben Casnocha

Congrats! I will have to get more active. I've only been there once -- and that was when I spoke at their Leadership Defined event which turned out to be so-so.

Keep us posted on what's going down.

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