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November 07, 2006



Yeah, I agree. When i finally poke at something on someones feed and get taken to their actual site, I inevitably hear a "Whoa!" escape my lips about all i've been missing. As for you knocking--don't bother--come in anytime. The door is always open.

Ben Atkin

I almost always go to the actual site to read blogs. I'm using Safari as my feed reader right now. It's two clicks to go to the actual site. I would like a feed reader that just has links straight to the blogs, with the number of new entries since the last time I clicked on the link.

Some sites with a lot of images, like Signal vs. Noise, just don't look right in a feed reader.

My own blog currently uses the default WordPress theme. Your post reminds me to work on my own theme. Thanks!


RSS and feedburner is great, but you are absolutely correct which is why I've found myself visiting blogs directly through tabs in Safari.

P.S., should have a bunch of shots of Argentina up tomorrow morning.


I skim through my feed reader (net news wire) and open the interesting articles into my browser. This is where I read the complete post, and often take some sort of action. Clip it into Google notebook, make a local copy in Scrapbook, bookmark it with delicious, gmail it with the GmailThis bookmarklette.

Despite workflow, you bring up an interesting point. Do feed readers run counter to widgets (since they are all the rage right now)? Does that mean widget based advertising/viral marketing is only going to reach a demographic that doesn't use feed readers?

Certainly something to take into account as all these companies try to monetize or benefit from widgets.

Andy Fox

please do not read my blog sir.

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and I visited your blog today ! :)

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