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May 30, 2007


Greg Linden

Hi, Chris. I understand the concern, but it would be a shame to not take the risk and keep your public voice.

There is a downside to speaking publicly -- the danger of your words being misused -- but there is also an upside. Weblogs like yours humanize Google, bringing personal stories to what otherwise might be seen as a corporate blob.

For example, your words on the SF WiFi battle made me much more sympathetic to Google at a time when the stories in the press seemed (probably quite unfairly) critical of Google's effort.

Or take your fun post on the "TPS reports". That post described some of the bureaucratic creep that we all heard vague rumors about anyway, but put a personal and humorous face on it.

Posts like those may be risky, but they also make people understand what Google is and what it is like to work at Google. And, they make me want to work at Google not less, but more.

So please do not self-censor. Take the risk. Your writing here may have potential costs, but it has big benefits as well.


Happy to have you back and posting Chris.

Steve Lerner

Isn't it weird as time goes on that one has to be extra careful about their "internet trail" that they leave behind? I have a million things I'd like to post as well but have spent years cleaning the internet to make sure that I have 100% control over what is out there and it doesn't conflict with work or personal life.

For example: I married into a family with famous clergy members who have different PR needs than I do, so its not wise to post anything in relation to them.

My work involves acting as an analyst in multi-party deals, so all sides see it as very sensitive- can't post too much about that.



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