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March 02, 2008



Clear is offering a partial solution to the real problem, TSA.

TSA has received billions since 911, yet, they've never caught a threat, ever. The upper-level managers have, however, been caught stealing upwards of $500,000, and their staff in the airports have been caught stealing upwards of $150,000 from travelers belongings. Let's not forget that the incompetency of the 1 hour security process has made passengers miss flights, bags miss destinations, and airlines to lose valuable time.

TSA has done one thing. They've given airports a lot more money through beverage sales taxes, since none of us can take a bottle of water with us for a 5 hour flight.

Clear isn't the answer, and the business model is pretty much the same as holding a platinum A-mex, and that's free. (Delta A-mex and Platinum and above A-mex holders go to front of the line). That's really where Clear's idea is coming from. I had thought that a nice service would be a drop box and delivery service at airports, supported and run by airlines. That way you wouldn't have to throw away something you accidentally packed that the TSA wouldn't allow you to take on the plane.

Two Cents


I forgot to add that TSA has failed 11 out of 12 or so attempts to catch unlawful carry-ons by people paid to test security, and I'm pretty sure that the one person that they caught was a young person that bragged about it in a blog that reached their ears.


Very nice. For a mere $28 and $100/year, one gets the privilege of buying into a shamelessly commercial product of counter-productive Bush Administration alarmism and earn the enmity of all the "little people" in front of whom one cuts in line. What a bargain.

Marc J. Randazza

I agree with all of your reasons for hating on CLEAR. Plus, I'm pleased to see as few people as possible pick up one of the little cards. However, I succumbed.

I travel a lot, and I live in Orlando, Florida. If you ever use MCO, you'll know that it is home the the most prole-infused flying class you'll ever see. Absolute fucking morons who will try and carry a suit of armor through the metal detector. Getting in front of one pathetic midwestern family can save you 20 minutes.

The second reason I can't live without my CLEAR card is that, well, to put it simply, I look sketchy. My Sicilian ancestors picked up a lot of genes from the 700 year period during which the Saracens ruled that island. I get "randomly" selected a hell of a lot. CLEAR ensures that the rednecks can't "randomly" select me at a CLEAR airport -- that's pretty sweet when you look like half a muslim (in the eyes of the white trash that staff the TSA stands in Florida).

I admire your willingness to stand in line. I just can't stand it. CLEAR lets you choose to either get a retina scan OR a fingerprint -- and since I'm already fingerprinted by about 10 government agencies, that wasn;t much of a surrender.

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Reading the fine print of Clear's privacy policies, I learned that the social security number is not actually required and the credit card is just used for their billing purposes and neither are shared with TSA. I particularly enjoy what great lengths to which they go to explain how they protect such information when, in the next section, they discuss the process by which they ship everything else directly to TSA to let the sanctioned invasion begin:

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I agree with all of your reasons for hating on CLEAR.

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I read this sentence out loud to a group of engineers from my team at lunch the other day and they cracked up like I did.


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