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August 25, 2008


Brad Feld

Fantastic race. Fantastic achievement. Fantastic achievement. Congrats my friend!

Paul Kedrosky

Congrats Chris. Nobody suffers quite like a distance runner who has decided to do something his body doesn't want to.

Michael Sippey

Holy shit! Congrats, Chris -- this is amazing.

don loeb

congrats chris....huge accomplishment. it's all about convincing yourself that you can do it :)


Nice work, Chris. If you like endurance riding, give randonneuring a try.


Great job on the IM! I admire your commitment to finish even after a rough time in the saddle.

I hope you do find another tri to run. I've found the tri world addicting!

Eric Case

Nice work! Next on the agenda: an ironman for your mind. ;)



Pablo de Rosas

Chris... Nice work on the IronMan... Amazing accomplishment. Are you getting the M-dot tattoo now?

I've done 3 Sprints, and 3 Olympics... working my way up to a 1/2 Iron in Cancun next September, and then an IronMan in 2010.

Hope you're well.


Brad Hefta-Gaub

Congrats on your race. You know the saying Ironman is 90% mental and 10% mental... and I'm sure you tell anyone who asks that the hardest part about continuing after the trouble you had on the bike was mental.

I like to tell people that Ironman is a pure mirror that allows you to see your true self. If you have pride inside you'll see it, if you have fear inside, you'll see it. On my first Ironman, 80 miles into the bike was where I faced my deepest self. I bonked hard and all the fear and doubt flooded in. I made it through, but it was hard... and it was all mental.

Anyway, great report, thanks for sharing!


Awesome report, i applaud your writing skills in bringing a life out of the report.

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